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Kain Na! (Let’s Eat)

This book has a lot of comfort food in it, mainly because I am always hungry ;D Most of it is contemporary Filipino food rather than historical, but that means you can easily find recipes online. Click the images to go to the recipes!

Bananacue – Fried banana with sugar
Leche Flan
Leche Flan – Flan with condensed milk
Arroz Caldo
Arroz Caldo – A soup of boiled rice and chicken
Pinoy Barbecue – Grilled pork skewers
Suman Malagkit – Sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.
(I like mine with a sprinkle of sugar)
Hopia – Pastry filled with beans, ube, or wintermelon.
Pandesal – Soft sweet bread
Halo Halo
Halo Halo – AKA Mix Mix! Shaved ice topped with ice cream, coconut jellies, beans, condensed milk and more.
Ube Cake
Ube Cake – Cake flavored with purple yam